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Many people when writing about Corinne Day they write about ‘heroin chic’ style that Day had in her fashion photos. In my opinion, for Day, it has always been more about documenting real life stories of real people, those who are personally close to her, than any intention of fashion trend. Even more than taking photos, Corinne Day took it as ‘having too much of a good time’ that she ‘never thought about the commercial aspect of photography.’  There can’t be any better portrait for this idea of hers than her own  book ‘Diary’ – the diary of ten years being documented through the most intimate images of her close friends and herself.

A ‘diary’ is ‘a book with a separate space or page for each day, in which you write down your future arrangements, meetings, etc., or one used to record your thoughts and feelings or what has happened on that day’ (Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary Online accessed December 14th 2010). A diary is something very personal that some people even don’t let other people see it. Documentary photographers, when publishing their documentary photos, are those who choose to share their diaries. Corinne Day is one of them.

Other than the photos in her ‘Diary’ book and her own stories shared in ‘Imperfect Beauty’ by Charlotte Cotton, I haven’t been able to find any more personal story about Corinne Day’s own life…And that’s what I want to do, to keep looking and searching for more of Corinne Day’s personal life stories before writing more about her. That’s what it is about Corinne Day that I find to be worth researching about – her Own personal life stories; the life that had led her through the fashion’s usual way of glamorousity and flash lights to create her own way of doing documentary fashion photography. Corinne Day makes me think of – not fashion, not models – but real life, real people, real stories – and in this case – through real images of the fashion and model world.

to be continued…


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