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Journalist #1: Do you consider the book to be autobiographical?
Jesse: Uh, well, I mean… isn’t everything autobiographical?

( Accessed on November 6th 2010)

That is how the movie ‘Before Sunset’ (2004) starts. A documentary alike movie, the second movie nine years after the first one  ‘Before Sunrise’ (1995), with only two characters and the camera follows their talks and walks throughout the movie. Just that simple. And that’s how it wins people’s hearts and minds. This is a very rational and at the same time – emotionally rational movie.

‘Isn’t everything autobiographical?’ Yes, isn’t it.

It is for me. For almost everything I do, there are personal reasons. Writing is one of them, either it is about personal or impersonal topics, I want my writing to be personal – so it is always personal for me then I guess. It is because I have realized for quite that I only have enough time to do things personally well. It would be too broad to be not personal; it would cost too much time to be general – and what’s the sense in talking about and for everyone anyway? Does anybody know about everything that applies for everyone? I guess not.

Back on October 25th, our class discussed about Academic Writing – Style and Tone. I agree with most of the suggestions of how academic writing should be: analytical, clear, cross and valid referenced, correct grammar/ spelling, evidence based, contructive argument, accurate structure and conclusion etc. However, I stop and wonder at the point of being formal to be professional. If everyone tries to follow the rule to be formal, will all writings then be alike in that one formal form? I think it is important that we have our own styles and tones when writing to make it worth reading – for it is another original idea or opinion –  not just another like-any-other piece of writing.


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