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1. Sally Mann. Immediate Family. Borrowed October 19th – Novem ber 3rd 2010.

2. Sally Mann. At twelve.  Borrowed October 19th – November 3rd 2010.

I was quite surprised to learn that Sally Mann is the actual mother of the three kids in her photo ‘Emmett, Jessie, and Virginia’. From my first impression, and still now when looking at the photo, the kids look quite distance towards the camera where the photographer, who is their actual mother, is. Maybe the photo is not natural but set up, like many other family photos by Sally Mann.

For me, the beauty of kids and babies are their natural innocence and innocent nature. I myself do take countless photos of kids and babies and I would never feel comfortable to let myself to ask the kids to pose in a certain way to convey my ideas. Actually I did that once. And those photos are not as valuable to me as the natural ones.


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