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Looking back at my notes on October 11th when I first got to know the subject pool, I found out the subject I questioned the most was actually ‘Emmett, Jessie, and Virginia’ by Sally Mann.

Sourced from: [accessed 24 September 2010] [Blackboard]

First impressions (notes on October 11th 2010)

– are they two girls or one girl and two boys? all bare chests

– the youngest one (a girl?)  looks bold with her nose in the air and hands on her hip

– the older guy looks suspicious with deep eyes, arms crossed on his chest –  protective/ more mature? nice bracelets. is he frowning a little bit with his lower lip curled down a bit?  more relaxed way of standing lowering one side of his body

– a bit younger guy (turned out she’s a girl) looks worried, a bit sad, questioning eyes, two arms folded in front of the chest – more protective, one hand grabs firmly to the other’s arm. is she scared of something?

– blur image behind of the road, trees – why?

* different ages, expressions, boldness/ security/ maturity/ protectiveness towards the photographer, who is a stranger?

– Emma: bold, chest upward, open, direct and upfront look, face, eyes, chin, chest, attitude

– Jessie: calm, deep and far and considerate look, thinking, reasoning, quite relaxed. a bit protective

– Virginia: scared & worried -> very protective, wondering/ questioning eyes

* Questions:

– why black and white? (1989?)

– where is that?

– who are they?

– what is the relationship between the photographer and the kids?


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