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For one week looking up for information about Godard and his works and films, including Week-end (1967), I have realized how broad it is. Godard might not be a huge director  but he is a big one. There are many books to read and movies to watch when studying about him. For a perfectionist like me, one month and a half will not be enough to study thoroughly about Goddard with a long list of movies made and works done along his long life

Furthermore, I stopped from first part, then the middle while watching ‘Week-end’. It turned out I wasn’t fond of the movie enough to finish watching it…

There are also notes about the rest of the subject pool after I watched and looked at them that I haven’t mentioned in the first post of First Impressions. Subjects I don’t pick up to study about, there are reasons.

As for the Honda advert, ‘Cog’ (2003) director Bardou – Jacquet, A. (for Wieden+Kennedy UK agency), this is not the first time I know about  it but few months ago from a friend who is making robots.

Still, I watched it again with the same interest and it can be stated as a  ‘cool’ advert.  The feeling comes up as quite similar as when watching the traffic jam scene of Godard. Viewers are intrigued to the screen when watching this ‘Cog’ advert, to see where it goes to in the end. For such technical and mechanical subjects, the advert, however, moved smoothly imitating a ‘domino effect’ of   small details that end up building up…a car. If it were a bicyle, I might have chosen this subject. Personally I don’t want to spend time and effort studying about an advert that aims to make more people to consume cars that, more or less, cause pollutions.

The title scene of  ‘The Conversation’ (1974) Directed Coppola with the camera from high above approaching closer and closer to the ground where people are walking and having different activities then zoomed to a clown…

If I had more time, I would like to watch the movie (and I will later on). Then I might change my mind after that, just like what happened to ‘Week-End’. However from the first impression, the scene uses a quite familiar way of getting to an object that made me pay attention to…another subject in the pool: Photographer unknown, depicting Lynndie England and colleague image.

Sourced from: [accessed 24 September 2010] [Blackboard]

I found it more special when during the class discussion, I knew that they are soldiers and lovers – they look more like friends in this photo to me though. In my first notes after looking at this photo I wrote: who? what? when? where? how? why? Many small questions but not much enthusiasm with this photo so I passed it…

(to be continued)


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